Hangin’ At The Brule Road Quarry

1 06 2010

Saturday, May 29th, 2010 ~

Steve and Dan were on their second last day, teaching a fundies course, and Jen and I went for a tour of the quarry.

Fundies students discussing their dives…

I was planning on taking some shots of the course, which I did, but due to a little bit of crappy vis, we moved out further, and Jen played model for the day.

Some pics of the two teams…

Jen and I made our way back to the boats, where we messed around for a bit.

Jen even took a picture of me…

We went and checked out the car…

We even made a rest stop… *giggle*

Jen also pointed out small swimmy things, that I had not noticed before. This little guy had a white-ish casing, and you could see him squirming inside…

There were some pretty aggressive fish in the most odd places, and their eggs were all hatching. We could actually see all of the little fish hatching.

Jen had a stare-down with a sun fish, which was amusing to watch. I did get a few frames of it, but this is when the fishy finally gave up…

More pics of Jen…

Ohh.. and of course, my self portrait…

There was definite fun factor on the surface, as we basked in the sun and relaxed on the water.

This picture cracked me up…

Me, goofing around…

Max Depth ~ 25′
Bottom Time ~ 58 minutes
Water Temperature ~ 69 on surface; 64 below thermocline at 20′

We headed back to NTD, where they were having a BBQ for everyone. It was a nice touch to the end of the day. Thanks, NTD!!

Sunday, May 30th, 2010 ~

Sunday, and back to the quarry. Erin met Jen and I today, and we were heading out for more fun.

Jen, sporting her new DIR Ontario top!

Erin, gearing up…

We got in, did our pre-dive checks, and headed out for the tour again.

We got to the rest stop again, where Erin must have had a rough night…lol…

We also found an old mower… “Mow the lawn and slap it on…” 😉

I also did get a couple of shots of the fundies folks. Lookin’ good!

Frankie, who was filming…

New fundies rescue…

We ditched our tanks and played on the surface again.

Stick bug…

Quarry Shark…

We made our way to the edge, where Jen found a little painted turtle. We said hello to him for a while, then he went on his way. I actually held a turtle for the first time, after I took some pics of him with Jen.

Swimming back to his rock…

Bottom Time ~ 59 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 25′
Water Temp. ~ 69/64

When we finally got out, we saw friends who were sporting their new TLSs…

The course dives had finished, and all they had left to do was their exam.

Jen and I took our time gearing down and chatted with some people. Erin had left the building.

Apart from having to wait for a tow truck, we did have a most excellent day of relaxing Diving Goodness.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the back of the tow truck…

Thanks to Harold and Anne for putting up with us, too!

The gratuating class. Congratulations, guys!! w00t




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